Search for jobs? You can Try This Android App


As many people always say, the current technological developments have made many jobs easier. One activity that is also facilitated because of the development of this technology is when people are looking for a job. If when you want to look for a job it is a hassle, because we have to look for it through the newspaper and spread the application file directly to the company that we want, then it is now no longer necessary.

Because, there are now very many services that provide job vacancy information that can be accessed for free. In fact, some of them have developed their services into the application version so that they can be accessed via smartphone anytime and anywhere.

Then, what are the services? The following will explain the Journal Apps in detail in the article below:

Indeed Job Search

Not inferior to LinkedIn, Jobstreet and JobsDB, Indeed is also one of the trusted job search services in Indonesia. Indeed has tens of millions of job openings in several countries, including one in Indonesia.

What’s interesting from Indeed, we can find the closest job openings in the area around us, look for vacancies based on criteria (position, location, company, latest date, etc.), look for vacancies based on the duration of the job (full time, internship, part time, etc.), and much more.

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Jora Job Search

If you want to find tens of thousands of official job information, companies and recruitment agents in Indonesia, maybe it’s time for you to install Jora.

By using this application, you do not need to visit various job opening sites one by one again, because all the job openings will appear in the Jora application.

To make it easier for users to access their services, Jora also provides several navigation features, such as a search column to find job openings based on job or company name, location. In addition, search can also be done based on the duration of the work.

Find job offers – Trovit Jobs

Similar to the Jora application, Trovit Jobs also accommodates various job opening information from various job vacancy sites. So, only with this one application, we can find various job openings without having to bother to look for it on various other sites.

Trovit Jobs also presents search features for job vacancies based on the city, job posting dates, working hours, work experience, salary, and so on.