Military Flashlight Free, New Flashlight Apps on Gplay

When the electricity goes out, usually you will immediately rush to find a flashlight to become lighting. If you are holding a cellphone, your Android device turns out to be a flashlight too! Currently Android has provided a large selection of flashlight applications that you can download for free.

Update: New version is available now with improved the flashlight’s performance. Sempre Fi. This will fix the previous version so it’s better to update your app now.

The ultimate flashlight companion for all military lovers, veterans, soldier families and personnel with different strobe light blinking frequencies including Morse code SOS signal as well as a standard compass dial.

You can personalize your free torch with colors of any of the major branches of the United States Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard), so download the flashlight and be proud of the brave souls keeping the freedom fighting spirit alive.